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Our identity

Panfilia seeks to accomplish its idea of a new sector that integrates an orientation towards both social and commercial aims, supporting the idea that ethics and business not only make compatible friends but also rely on one another.


Panfilia offers itself as a new model of social enterprise capable of integrating its commitment to giving relief from marginalization, disability, and poverty to anyone in such conditions with its skills and orientation towards the common good.

Panfilia works to promote the value and dignity of the individual so as to offer suitable solutions to all those in precarious or disadvantaged circumstances so they can live in the present and build their future.

As a company, Panfilia seeks to create an osmosis between its spiritually-minded aims and its economic aims, and to shorten the distance between the non-profit and for-profit organizations through ethical, socially-minded, useful, and fair business management.


Panfilia strives to plan, organize, and deliver services of the highest professionalism, quality, and effectiveness in response to needs for care, accommodation, education, and work as well as for social equality and quality of life, with an eye towards economic and environmental sustainability.

At Panfilia, we seek to build networks and integrated social systems based on sharing our values in the communities where we operate. We work to create solid, lasting connections with the individuals, businesses, institutions, and organizations that we consider to be direct stakeholders in the objectives of our social enterprise, so that these aims become a shared responsibility.

Panfilia also strives to create new job opportunities, helping to improve services that support other organizations and achieving open, inclusive models for accommodation.


Transparency. Our transparency shows not only in our actions but also in our communication, especially when sharing information of a financial nature and news regarding the management of Panfilia.

Importance of the Individual. Individuals are the cornerstone of Panfilia, and we give them special care by protecting and valuing their identities, dignity, differences, and freedom of opinion.

Charisma. All the decisions, activities, and organization of Panfilia are inspired by the concept of Charisma, meaning the gift of divine grace, embraced by the Piccola Casa della Divina Provvidenza and its quiet, constant work, its unfailing commitment, its competence and excellence in practice.

Solidarity. The supportive approach that guides Panfilia's work takes shape as inclusion and access to social security for our end clients, as well as concrete welfare programs that benefit our employees.

Responsibility. With dedication and dependability, Panfilia identifies outstanding solutions that meet employee needs and contributes to the development of their professional skills, guaranteeing them the best working conditions and opportunities for exchanging views.

Sustainability. Panfilia promotes a company culture orientated towards economic, social, and environmental sustainability with a eye towards the common good. It seeks out innovations to improve the quality and sustainability of its services, monitoring the effects of its work to reduce its environmental impact.


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